Lexi’s Lessons

I’m going to start keeping a list of all of the lessons about horse showing that I seem to have forgotten during my hiatus from riding. These will henceforth be known as “Lexi’s Lessons.” Entry number one: Lexi’s Lessons 1. Never ever rely on your plans. Ever.  After re-learning this oh-so-valuable lesson two weeks ago […]

How do you make God laugh?

…say it with me now… Tell him your plans.  Well God must have been hysterical with laughter this past weekend, because I sure as heck had some plans. I was convinced that a lack of preparation and organization had somehow led to the great Carefree Farms debacle back in August. I was running late. I was […]

Clinic Style

One of my barn-mates asked me what I was planning to wear to the clinic this weekend. My first reaction was to panic. Omg! The clinic is this weekend?! But after I got over the shock and horror of having only a few more days to prepare, I started pondering my wardrobe (since great clothes can mask […]

No really, it’s cheap

Alternate post title: How the horse world skews one’s perception of what cheap means If you had asked me what brand my breeches were fifteen years ago, I would have shrugged. They all came from the (best ever in the whole wide world where I still shop every chance I get) used tack shop. So did […]


That’s how we feel this week. Mom and I are up in our old stomping grounds of West Chester, PA for the second stop of the 2013 KWPN-NA Keuring at Iron Spring Farm. We don’t have any horses participating, but we will someday soon, so we’re having a great time observing and soaking in as […]