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What I want you to get out of Big Bay Social (a Marketing Manifesto)

“Horse business” has too long been considered an oxymoron. You’ve heard the old joke. How do you make a million in the horse world? Start with two million. Cue the comic rim shot.

As a marketing professional by day and a wannabe Eq Princess the rest of the time, I’ve seen too many horse businesses that barely scrape by when they could be thriving, and it all comes down to missed opportunities.

Missed free or super cheap opportunities. That’s even worse, don’t you think?

Fortunately the solution to mediocrity in horse business is right in front of you. No, seriously. It’s literally right in front of you — right now. Your computer joining forces with the internet (and maybe someone who has been there, done that, got a t-shirt like Big Bay Social) is like the ultimate superhero alliance when it comes to growing and thriving in your equestrian venture.

I’m talking about internet marketing.

Oh, you don’t do internet marketing you say? Is your business on Facebook? How about Yelp? Doyou have a website? Even if you don’t have any of those– your business is probably on the internet without you even realizing it.

Yep. You do internet marketing.

What’s that you say? Your customers aren’t really on the internet? They’re mostly word of mouth referrals? Just — no. Don’t even get me started. Your business is on the internet. You’re on the internet. And your customers are absolutely, positively on the internet too.

The great news is that just about anyone can take advantage of the plethora of tools and tricks available to your business on the internet, and many of them are free or very, very cheap. Internet marketing has, hands down, the highest return on investment of any type of marketing. It is targeted, it is relevant, and it is accessible to everyone.

At Big Bay Social, I operate on three core beliefs:

Internet marketing should not be scary or overwhelming.

Internet marketing should not be expensive.

Absolutely, positively every business can benefit from internet marketing.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

First, let’s take a look at where you’re at now.

We’ll start by determining what your internet presence really needs to look like. Does your website need an overhaul? Should you be focusing on content marketing? Which social media platforms will work best for you depending on your specific type of horse business?

Next, let’s build a plan and take action.

How often should you be posting? What kinds of posts should you make? Where should you really be spending your advertising dollars? We’ll figure that out together, and then we’ll make it happen.

Lastly, we’ll measure our success.

How can you tell if your internet marketing campaign is really working for you? The answer might surprise you, and it’s probably not what you think (hello — tracking numbers are not your friend) We’ll establish a clear plan for measuring success, and reinvent as needed.

Holy Heck You’re Going to Need a Bigger Barn

So if you’re ready to take your horse business from meh to holy heck, I’m going to need a bigger barn, download your free copy of my Ultimate Social Media Quick Start Guide – Equipreneur Edition. There is a really, really awesome free gift hidden inside that checklist.

It’s like a nesting doll of free awesomeness. But you have to download it to get it.

So go on…Download it now… (like, now.)

Seriously, it’s free.

Remember what I said about missed opportunities? Don’t be that guy.